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Language Translator Plug-in for IE  - Right click on any text, and select the IMTranslator for instant translation in multiple languages.




Materials Compatibility  - Over 14,000 combinations of gases and liquids are displayed with their affect on various materials.




Measurement Units Conversions - This utility has over 50,000 combinations of various measurement units.  Immediate conversion is provided for your input values.




PID Control Simulation Program - Shareware (Windows 95 or better)




Resistor Color Code Program - Mental Automation (Windows 95 or better)




 1731NZ Switch & Jumper Settings Utility Program - DOS / Windows 3.1




 Commander PC Configuration Editor - Version 15




 C300 Communication Testing Program - DOS / Windows 3.1




 Screenmaster DataManager Demo Software




 ScreenMaster Memory Calculator




 ScreenMaster PC Emulation Configuration




 ABB Sizing software for Vortex, Swirl and Mass Flowmeters (CD Calc3) - Version 08.05




Technical Glossary - Thousands of technical terms at your fingertips. 





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