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Fulscope ER/C
1900 FAQ


    Why is my replacement Dairy Chart Plate not compatible with my STLR/HTST?

    Answer: The STLR/HTST Chart Plates are available under two basic part numbers.

    1) 500S1700-1: Single Diversion Chart Plate

    2) 500S1700-2: Dual Diversion Chart Plate

    The problem is that there are a number of production variations of this same part number. The "official" versions of the STLR/HTST were manufactured in Mexico and Rochester N.Y.. However there were a number of Taylor representatives that were upgrading existing ER/C's to the STLR/HTST. Unfortunately, no guidelines were used in the construction of these units and as a result, there are numerous different configurations out there and the chances of a direct chart plate replacement is not very good.



    The only modification to the Single Diversion chart plate (500S1700-1) was the addition of the forward/divert indicator lights. These indicator lights were made in two variations... 120 VAC and 24 VDC.  On top of that, many different connector plugs were used. Chances are that the connector will not mate with your existing connector. If the rating of the bulbs match, then you can usually cut and splice your existing connector from your original chart plate.

    Factory version of 500S1700-1 with 24 VDC Indicators


    Forward Flow Indicator


    Common to both Indicators


    Divert Flow Indicator



    The Dual Diversion chart plate (500S1700-2) is a little more complicated, for these had many variations even from the factory (not to mention from the various reps that were upgrading existing chart plates). It is usually easy to spot an original "factory" chart plate, for these had a circuit board attached to the dual diversion switch. Once again the biggest challenge is the connector and splicing this connector is much more involved than the single-diversion conterpart.

    Factory version of 500S1700-2 with 24 VDC Indicators


    Forward Flow Indicator


    Common to both Indicators


    Divert Flow Indicator



    TB2-4 (Relay Connection Box)












    TB2-2 & TB2-3


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