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    Question: I have a 50SD that shows ERROR 2, UREF TOO LOW when connected to the sensing head. However, the converter appears to be working fine when connected to the testing simulator. Is the sensing head bad?


    Answer: The sensing head is not necessarily bad. There is a jumper setting that MUST be installed before a 50SD can communicate with the sensing head. I suspect that the jumper is missing, because the testing simulator will not work unless the jumper is removed.

    Put another way:
    - When connected to the sensing head: Jumper must be installed
    - When connected to the testing simulator: Jumper must be removed.

    The jumper is located on the back side of the driver board*. This board is mounted vertically, and is directly behind the data plate. The jumper is labeled BR201. See pictures below.

    Not all driver boards have a physical jumper installed at BR201. If the jumper posts are missing, then a small piece of wire will need to be soldered across the BR201 pads  for the connection.

    If this jumper is installed, then check the reference voltage between posts 16 (+) and 3 (-). You should see about 70mV nominal.



Driver Board mounted directly behind data plate

BR201: Mounted on back side of driver board



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