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    Question: Even though I turned off <>, why does my 50XM converter not allow changes to my pipe size?


    Answer: You are likely dealing with a 50XM2000 converter. The 50XM2000 uses an external EEPROM for automatic detection of sensing head information (including pipe size). This was intended to ease the installation process.

    If this is a replacement converter, and the sensing head size is not correct, then it may be that the external EEPROM is corrupt (EEPROM found on terminal board), and will need replacement.

    or, it may also be that you require a 50XM1000 converter (No external EEPROM installed). The 50XM1000 needs to be manually programmed. There is a 4-position dip switch located in the upper right-hand corner of the processor board just behind the display board. Switch 2 sets the instrument mode.

    On (or up) sets the unit to a 50XM1000
    Off (or down) sets the unit to a 50XM2000.

    By turning on (up) switch 2 (50XM1000 mode), you should then be able to manually set the pipe size.



Dip Switch located on Processor board (RH)

Switch 2: Instrument mode selection



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