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C1900 FAQ


    My instrument will not recognize the upgrade kit I just installed. What is wrong?

    Answer: This is one of the most commonly asked questions. In today's world of high tech computers, we expect everything to be "Plug-N-Play". Although the C1900 does have some auto-detect abilities, the majority of the upgrade kits will require some programming in order to utilize the upgrade.

    Most all of the upgrades will require access to the [Commissioning Level] which is discussed in the Agents Manual. This manual also outlines the basic instructions for most available upgrade kits.

    The most common type of upgrade kit is a channel upgrade (ie: 1-pen to a 2-pen) and I have outlined the procedure for commisioning the recorder after the physical parts have been installed below.


Detailed Steps:


Turn off the Security Link LK3, two pin jumper installed in lower position. (Processor Board: Top, Center)


Press until you see


Press first and hold, then press . You will see


Press once, you will see


Press once, you will see .


Press until you see .


From here, you can simply exit the program by either recyling power, or by pressing   until you see , then press until you see . Now press  until you see  , then press to exit programming.


Turn on the Security Link LK3, two pin jumper installed in upper position. (Processor Board: Top, Center)


    Even though the above steps will configure a 1911J (1-pen) to a 1912J (2-pen). The instrument is still not ready for use. We now need to configure the I/O board and the pen that was installed in position two.

    The easiest way to assure a successful update is to do a <Company Standard> after any changes in the [Commissioning Level]. This will automatically initialize the new parts and default the instrument to the same way it came out of the box.

    Of course the  down side to this procedure is that you will lose any settings that were previously installed. So it is recommended to write down your settings before a <Company Standard> is performed.

    The procedures for a <Company Standard> is outlined at another FAQ available here.

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