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    Why does my recent MagMaster Transmitter repair fail the CalMaster test?

    Answer: There are a few reasons why this may occur.

    1) The MagMasters reference point has changed.

      When CalMaster tests a MagMaster transmitter for the first time, there is a resultant file created and is used as a "reference point" for all future tests. This file is used to check consistency and if there has been a change of given percentage, CalMaster then informs the user that there has been a significant change to the transmitter and that it needs to be checked before failure occurs. When a transmitter is repaired or a board replaced, it is very likely that the reference point has changed significantly. This change does not mean that the transmitter is bad, but that there is simply a new reference point that needs to be created.

      Solution: Any and all MagMaster Transmitters that are sent out for repair or have had service work performed, will need to have a new file created to reset the reference points used for future tests. This is achieved by simply deleting all history of the serial number from CalMasters database. Then perform a new test as usual (ie: new install by entering the serial number).


    2) Accuracy error differences between test rig and CalMaster.

      MagMasters in general have a very tight accuracy specification (0.2% in most cases) and depending on the current calibration of both the repair facilities test rig and the user's CalMaster, the resultant test may be slightly outside of the required accuracy, and then the CalMaster will flag the transmitter as failed.

      Solution: CalMaster has the ability to "clean up" accuracy issues as long as they are stable and not that far off. When a new MagMaster transmitter is tested, the initial set-up screen will have a "Enable Adjustments" option on the screen. If the user checks this option, then CalMaster will automatically make the minor accuracy adjustments necessary to satisfy the requirement.


    3) MagMaster user program data may be corrupt.

      In general, this is a very rare occurance. All repair shops have a dilemma when it comes to customer data files. On one hand, users usually request the program to be intact (if at all possible) in order to make installation easier or even possible. On the other hand, the customer data file may be corrupt and may cause a glitch somewhere that is not evident to the technician. Most corrupt data files are obvious during testing, but sometimes only a single register may be off that is used internally for any given amount of reasons. This may be a status flag register that would have no effect on the operation, but may cause a CalMaster error during testing.

      Solution: The users data file will need to be reset. The best way to solve this issue is to upload a known good configuration to the transmitter (you can use CalMaster) and re-program the transmitter to the required parameters. The other option would be to send the unit back to the repair facility and request a "company standard" be loaded into memory.



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