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    Question: My ScreenMaster will not work with a new Compact Flash Card. The unit fails to format the new card, but it does work with my existing cards just fine. What could be causing this issue?


    Answer: There are two common issues* associated with newly purchased Compact Flash card:

    1) The new card may have a compatibility issue with the ScreenMaster. ABB has provided a list of known Compact Flash cards that are incompatible with the ScreenMaster. This document can be found on our documents page here (look under the Technical documents section of the model ScreenMaster in question). Check to see if the card you have is on this list... If it is, you may want to return the card and buy another brand that is not on the list.

    2) The new card is likely larger than 128Mb, and your current cards are all equal to or less than that. This is becoming the most common cause of the problem, as it is nearly impossible to find a Compact Flash card smaller than 512Mb in the local store these days. Earlier models of the ScreenMaster have a size limitation of 128Mb, and will not format a larger CF card correctly. For more information on this issue see below.

    * Please keep in mind that there is always a possibility of hardware failure. A faulty CF Card or card reader may give similar errors shown here.

    For example: We had a recent experience with a Compact Flash upgrade kit (GR2000-0700) that generated the same errors shown below. After updating the system software, the unit would still generate the same error when using a 512Mb CF card. The fault had to be the hardware, for the unit would work with a 1Gb CF card. In this case, a missed factory solder connection on the Compact Flash board was the cause of the problem.



    If you have the early version of the SceenMaster, then the error message shown here will be generated as soon as the larger than 128Mb Compact Flash card is installed:


    After the attempt to format the card, the error message shown here will be generated:



    This is a limitation of the system software. The instruments system software will need to be upgraded in order to use larger than 128Mb Compact Flash cards. Please contact  the service department for further assistance.



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