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Fulscope ER/C
1900 FAQ


    My Recorder is dead and it has a very bad odor... What has happened?

    Answer: The bad odor generally means the transformer has melted. If you look inside the unit, you will likely see a brownish coating over everything. The transformer itself will appear melted where the wires are coming out. See images below:


    Images of a melted transformer failure


    The transformer has become overloaded and started to heat up. This thermal runaway will continue until the transformer boils and melts the internal windings. There are three primary causes for this type of damage:

    1) Wire coating of the transformer windings has failed. This type of failure is usually associated with poor quality input power source.... as noise spikes will fatigue the transformer over time.

    2) Circuit Board failure putting a overload condition on the transformer. This is a rare occurance because usually the fuse will blow before the transformer will become damaged.

    3) Human error. This is the most common cause of failure. There is a connection off of the transformer that is a little misleading. If you look at the Power Supply Board, you will see what looks like three connections that are meant for the transformer... THIS IS NOT THE CASE! See image below


    Human Error: Transformer lead connected to TC1, Not P10 on Motherboard


    The power supply connectors on the right-hand side are labeled P1 and P2  and are meant for tranformer connections, but the third connector is actually a testing port and is labeled TC1. The Motherboard has a simular connector just above TC1 that is labeled P10. The P10 connector is where the transformer lead is suppose to go. If the lead is connected to TC1 on the power supply and not corrected quickly, the transformer will burn-up in the above manner.


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